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Sunday, April 26, 2015

5 Tips for A Stress Free Summer Vacation

1. Look for promo's in the net or from onsite travel and tours agency for vacation package that is suited to your budget. Just make sure that you have check the background of the seller of the package and that the package is legitimate. Book early, because the earlier you book your trip the cheaper is the price that some tours are being offered.

2. Do not bring the house with you in your vacation trip. Just bring the necessary things like toiletries, medic-kit and money. Leave the "pambahay" things behind. Bring the best bathing suit, swimming trunks for the guys and the plane ticket of course if you are travelling by plane. Do not forget the hat, the big ones to protect you from the heat of the sun.

3. Check the weather condition of the place you are going to visit. The weather nowadays is very unpredictable. Typhoons and thunderstorms can happen even during the dry season.

4. When it is time to leave the house, you have to make sure that everything is in order. Unplugged all that are needed to be unplug. Check the gas tank for leaks.  Check the door and the locks. Turn on the CCTV camera and connect it online if it is available. That way you can check the house status even if you are in the far away Boracay or Siargao island.

5. During your stay in your vacation place learn to adapt to the ways of the locals. You have to adjust to their customs. Respect their traditions and most of all be friendly and have a happy disposition.

Vacations can be made stress-free as well as fun if you prepared for it well ahead of time. Careful planning is the key towards having an enjoyable, memorable and share-able summer vacation out of town.

Have fun this summer!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Love Of A Child

For those of you who are curious as to what is the meaning of the title of my blog, here is my answer.

"Ti Ayat Ti Maysa Nga Ubing" is an Ilocano folk song which means "love of a child" in English. 

I have associated this blog to the song because of my undying love for my family, my friends and all the strangers I meet as I go along with life.

Being young means being free from stress, from burden and from the hassles of being an adult.

The love of a child is pure, unbiased, and untapped.

Only a child could understand and stop for a while to see or smell a beautiful flower, to play in the rain and to cherish all the small things he has.

Let us all be like a child with love as innocent and as pure as the dainty jasmine in the wild. 

Let us not forget that once in our life, we are young and carefree.

Below please find the lyrics of the Ilocano Folk Song:

Ti Ayat Ti Maysa Nga Ubing

Ti ayat ti maysa nga ubing,
Nasamsam-it ngem hasmin
Kasla sabong nga apag-ukrad
Iti bulan ti Abril

Ti ayat ti maysa a lakay,
Aglalo no agkabaw,
Napait, napait, napait a makasubkar.

Anansa a tao lelong,
Agsapulka tay balo
A kapadpad ta ubanmo
Ken dayta tuppolmo
Ta bay-am a panunuten
Ti ayat ti maysa nga ubing
Aglalo, aglalo no addan makin-aywanen

Ti ayat ti maysa nga ubing,
Nasamsam-it ngem hasmin
Kasla sabong nga apag-ukrad
Iti bulan ti Abril.

Ti ayat ti maysa a lakay,
Aglalo no agkabaw,
Napait, napait, napait a makasubkar.

Anansa a tao lelong,
Agsapulka tay balo
A kapadpad ta ubanmo
Ken dayta tuppolmo
Ta bay-am a panunuten
Ti ayat ti maysa nga ubing
Aglalo, aglalo no addan makin-aywanen
Aglalo, aglalo no addan makin-aywanen

Precocious Precious Memories

I have been thinking what to share in this blog because I have a lot of things going on in my mind like politics maybe or discuss some recent events like the China's constant incursions in the West Philippine Sea.

I have to pause for a second, organize the ideas and then I decided to go on for maybe just a little introduction of myself.

My name is Ronel. My mother told me that its meaning in Hebrew is “song for the god” but ironically I can’t sing for God’s sake.

I am the only boy and I have three siblings.

I am also the “bunso” (it means youngest in Filipino) and being the youngest, people easily conclude that I am the spoiled or the favorite in the family, but I can prove them wrong.

I am tasked of doing the house errands and do the sub for the cooking when my “nanay” (mother in Filipino) is not around. I have also collected a good amount of scolding and pinching because I am too “pasaway” (naughty boy). But all the children in the world I think are like that.

I could not recall a time when I was not reprimanded.

Every time I go out and play with the neighbors I always end up being the bully. However, they always invite me to play because I give them “chichirias” (snacks). Kids are always like that, it does not bother them whether you hit them yesterday, anger just fade away that easily just on sight of the littlest and simplest thing that you have.

Our neighbor used to ask my mother, where is your mischievous son? And she would reply, Oh, my son? He has become a good and handsome man now!

I love it when my mother boast of me and tell it to her friends, and as universal as it is, all mothers will always say good and beautiful things about their children. Although I was never my parents pet, I have tried my best to make them proud by winning gold medals in the many quizzes and spelling bee contest that I joined.

My sisters who were jealous of my award will then tease me and will make spell difficult words like RENDEZVOUS and COUP D' ETAT and I will then tell them to spell CZECHOSLOVAKIA before I spell the word, it usually worked because they will suddenly change the topic.

I am so glad and blessed that I have them as my siblings even though they always make a fun of me.

There was this one time when a playmate told me that I am still “supot” (uncircumcised) and I retorted, "And so what I’ll be tule (circumcised) na this coming summer." I did not know that my sister overheard of this ridicule and he told the boy, “So what if his uncircumcised? His "putotoy" (penis) is evidently bigger than yours”. That comment really blew my funny bones and for that I loved my sister twenty times more than before.

I really had a great and interesting memories as a child, as a school boy and as a youth. I thank God for my loving parents. We as a family have created those precious moments that I will cherished forever.

One thing that is constantly reminding me of this experience is when it rains heavily outside and the trees

sway like their dancing with the wind. Inside the house my sisters and I would either watch television or play scrabbles and my mother will then give us a bowl of hot noodles to warm our stomach.

How I wish we can do that again.

How I wish I have the power to turn back the hands of time and be in that youthful bliss again.

How I miss the times like that, if I could turn back the days, I will do it and be in it time and time again!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

I have always asked myself this perennial question whenever I have heartaches.

When you have a tooth ache, you go to a dentist.
When you have cataract, you go to a ophthalmologist.
When you have cancer, you go to a oncologist.

But when you are heart broken, when your girlfriend says we are done, goodbye, its not working anymore, where do you seek comfort? 

One would say, I just take a warm bath to warm my heart and have a good night sleep and then tomorrow I will be fine again.

Or others would suggest, you eat a lot of chocolate so the endorphin in your brain will keep you happy.

Still others will say, come join us to the party, lets take ecstasy and have fun, forget the girl, she does not deserve your love.

These are just short term solutions to a love problem you are having. 

As we all know, problem always has a solution...because if it does not have, then you don't have a problem. 

And if the problem is your face, that is really a problem.

Kidding aside, everyone of us really is plagued by this so called love bug. 

If you know how to love then you should know how to accept defeat or breakdown or frustrations.

In loving, you give up everything, your self, your sexy body, your pride, your time and your effort. But one thing you should not give up is your love for yourself. 

Love for oneself enables you to do self preservation. You don't just give and give or keep on receiving because that is not the essence of loving. It is give and take.

Romantic loving involves two individuals who are attracted to each other because of physical and emotional compatibility. One of the two maybe lacking but most of the time these two go hand in hand.

So to answer the question, where do broken hearts go? 

I have asked one of my closest friends who have loved and fallen and loved again, and she said that "the broken heart remains broken inside you
up until you meet the right person
 in your life who will give part of his hearts to you in order to mend those parts that have been broken. If your heart has been broken by somebody, another somebody will be there to fill it up and mend the gap and take good care of it."

Don't lose hope in loving and finding your true love. Someone or somebody is

Believe, Claim and Destiny will finally lead you there. 

Who Loves a Stray Cat?

As a child we watch television very much and we have our favorite anime (i.e Japanese manga) characters. 

My favorite back when I am still a child is Doraemon. Doraemon roughly translated in Japanese means a stray cat. 

In the story, Doraemon is a 22nd century robot cat who traveled back in time to help a young boy named Nobita Nobi. 

Nobita as a child is very unlucky and full of misfortunes. Some of these misfortunes happen because of his own plain stupidity or clumsiness. But even though he is young, he has a love interest already in the name of Shizuka Minamoto. 

There are other interesting characters in the story like the bully Takeshi also known as "Gian" and the cunning Suneo.
I can relate much to every story and episode because the plot and the scenes are derived from true to life stories and most of the things discussed have some universal truths in it. 

I am also looking forward to the gadgets that Doraemon take out from his belly pockets and the ways in which Nobita will use it for his and other people's expense. 

Everything is just so entertaining and most importantly at the end of every episode you will be able to learn some moral lessons. 

This is what every show whether anime or not should focus on, that is, educating the youth, bringing back their humanity and understanding life as depicted and served in a comic and entertaining way. 

I know I am not the only one who loves Doraemon so much and up until now that I am a grown up and a re-run of the show is being televised again in the Philippines after many years. 

One would not be so insensitive as to become teary eyed as I recall the days of my youth and I get to watch Doraemon in the afternoon with my siblings and friends. 

I really love you my stray cat - my Doraemon!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Take On Life

Everything happens for a reason.

No matter how hard we try to work around with our fate, chances are, we are going to lose or win at the end.

Life is how we see and take it. 

Life is a make or a break. 

If you take it lightly then you will be able to think clearly.

If you argue with life, you will get a one or two punches just like what Manny Pacquiao does on his opponents.

We are all faced with life problems and every problem we face, I hope, makes us a better, finer and stronger person.

Every problem we take and solve add strength and color to our lucid personality or state of being.

We familiarize ourselves to the ways of the world. We tend to understand our everyday affairs with other people, be it an enemy or friend. We learn how to negotiate and to be conversant. Everything becomes customary and rigid.

Sometimes life is like a sweet and thoughtful child with all its wonderful surprises and delights. 

Sometimes it acts like a mother-in-law with all its misgivings, blunders and arguments.

But while life is a relative path - where others tend to give up right at the start...others will be able to reach the end.

Although nobody really knows when life meets its crossroads;

It is good advice to go on with the course with your heart as the driver and your mind as your map. 

Its your trip, its your journey. You decide what to take or to leave behind. You decide who to ask for help and who to look up to.

When all is done for you or when life seems to go on full stop. Think over things, introspect.

Did I enjoy the journey I have made? Did it do good to me? Did it do good to many? Did it change the life of others in one way or another?

Its your take, you have been given your choices.

Life teaches us a lesson that everything we do today will impact our ways and thoughts at the end.

If life have not been so good to you lately, pause, look around then ask, "Am I taking the right path?"

You know, they say everything happens for a reason, but whatever reasons we have as we go on with life, let it guides us towards achieving better understanding, brighter days, rewarding and fulfilling moments. 

I wish you a life with less reasons to sigh, to cry and to respire.

Its the best advice.

Not Another Cinderella Story

Hindi ako si Darna
Hindi rin si Zhazha Saturna

Ako si Cinderella...taga Estrella


Madami ang naaakit sa ganda ko...

magaling daw kasi akong...sumayaw at kumanta ng

♪♫♪Ayoko sana, na ikaw ay mawawala...mawawasak lamang ang aking mundo oh ohwow...♪♪♪♫

favorite ko din yung kanta that goes like this.."♪♫♪ Sayang na sayang talaga...pagmamahal na alay sayo oooh ♪♫♪"...die hard fan ako ng Aegis Band...ang gagaling kasi nilang bumirit tulad ko...noon pa kahit ako'y munti pang bata...ito na ang mga kantang inaabangan ko sa radyo at TV.

Bilang si Cinderalla ang peg ko...lagi akong talunan.

Sa bahay ako lagi ang inuutusang bumili ng suka...toyo...paminta...dahon ng laurel..bawang at sibuyas...sabi ko sa sarili ko...malamang magluluto ng adobo si inay..sarap..mapaparami ako ng kain nito...di nga ako nagkamali..nagluto si inay ng adobo - kangkong...masarap naman siya..pasok sa banga.

After nun, ako na naman ang toka sa hugasan...ako na rin ang magsasalok ng tubig sa batis....charot...hehehe

Sa school naman pag pumapasok ako lagi na lang ako ang center of attention ni Mam...Cinderella late ka na naman sabi ni mam...syempre ako naman na kimi at talaga namang takot sa mga thunders eh nagpasensya na lang at nagsabi...patawarin nyo po ako mam....di ko po maiwan si itay sa bahay...may sakit po si itay mam...malala po...ano ang sakit ng tatay mo? tanong sa akin ni mam...."katam" po mam...di nya po ako pinayagang umalis ng bahay hanggang hindi nakakapag laba, nakakapag bayo --- ng bigas...ang dami ko pong binayong bigas mga sampung gatang po...nagpakain pa ho ako ng baboy mam...ang hirap ho mam...ang hirap hirap...huhuhu

Naawa si Mam at lumambot ang puso niya sa aking pagtangis...pinaupo na ako sa tabi ng basurahan...ayos lang naman sa akin kasi nasa unahan ang crush kong si Boy....I love you Boy! Siya ang pantasya aking mga aking mga guni-guni ay siya ang aking laging kaulayaw...mahal ko na must be biglang batuhin ako ni mam ng eraser at nalagyanan ang haire-ret ko ng chalk...nagmukha akong kringles...not paying attention Cinderella...nagde daydream ka na naman!!!

Hay naku, mapa bahay at eskwelahan lagi na lang akong api...sawi...dinuduhagi...wala na ba akong karapatang mag-exist...bakit...o bakit..tanong ko sayo...oh bakit....bakit nagtitiis...oh bakit???

Pero kahit ganun pa man ang buhay eh go lang ako ng go...

Walang mangyayari kung magmumukmok na lang ako sa isang tabi at magpapatalo sa mga swangit na nang-aapi sa akin...its time to make a change, its time to move on...kilos kilos din pag may time...

So ang ginawa ko...nag aplay ako sa TESDA...nag aral ako ng massage therapy at computer

Makalipas ang ilang buwan ay nakuha ko ang aking certifications...

Nag try akong mag aplay sa Wensha ng massage therapist....indi ako tinanggap...encoder di rin ako qualified...

Nag applay ako sa BDO hinarang ako ng guard...kinapkapan...sabay sabi pare may dala kang sandata...sabi ko...hay naku ingitera...gulat ka no..nakapa mo tatay mo?

Grabe, dami ko ng inaplayan wala man lang tumanggap sakin...

Nag try ako sa bandang may PNP...pumasok ako sa building...may nakalagay sa pasilyo...Wanted - dead or alive...di rin ako tinanggap.

Nakakafrustrate na...ang layo na ng narating ko....umalis ako ng bahay ng alas kwatro ng umaga....dito pa ako sa may EDSA...sabi ko sa sarili ko pano ako makakauwi ng maaga...tiningnan ko ang MRT...naglalakad ang mga tao sa bus -  wala ng pinto ang jeep....walang jeep sa EDSA...

hay lalakarin ko na lang ito...sabagay exercise din ito...maganda sa katawan...

Habang naglalakad ako ay may nakasalubong akong lalake...macho....batak....malaman....macharap...

Hinarang ako ni kuya....dumikit siya sa akin...wag kang gagalaw holdap to bulong niya...sabi ko naman...wrong timing ka kuya...wala akong kapera pera...naglakad na nga lang ako eh..parang awa mo na...ganito na lang siguro...nakita mo yung mama na yun..yung may bling bling...mas kikita ka dun..sakin kasi palugi ka...lika samahan kita sa and greet kayo...

Iniwan ako ni kuyang papabol sana kaso talo...

On my way home...minamalas ata talaga ko...may aso akong naka salubong sa daan...

pang mayaman ang aso na to...pitbull

nag greet ang aso sakin....mga sampung akma na akong dadaluhungin ng biglang...may sumipol....PRRRRT...Brownie stop that

he wont stand a chance..

Lumingon ako sa pinanggalingan ng nakita ko ang pinakamagandang lalaki sa balat ng lupa...

My gas....ang sakit ng tyan ko...parang andaming nagtatakbuhang kung ano sa loob nito..ang Pogi ni kuya...hay mama..nasa langit na ba ako?

Okay ka lang? tanong nya sakin...buti di ka nakagat...baka magkarabies itong aso time wag kang pakalat kalat ha...

Me ganun....ganun? ako na nga yung muntik mapahamak ako pa nasisisi sa mga pangyayaring nagagaganap na ito...

Ayos ka din ha..alam mo gwapo ka sana eh kaso kung anong gwapo mo siya namang pangit ng budhi mo...I hate you... I hate you more....get lost....go now...Go!!!

Syempre major drama ang peg ko...pero pag tingin ko wala na pala akong kausap...ang hambog na yun...
lakas ng loob niya, da height..ibang leveling...

Dami ko namang naranasang mapapait sa araw na ito...naisip ko...ako lang ba ang tao sa mundo at parang lahat ng problema ako na lang ang nakakatanggap...

For God's sake tantanan nyo ako...charing lang!!!